Day: January 4, 2018

Describe a businessman that you admire

Describe a businessman that you admire. You should say: Who this person is How you know this person What kind of business that this person does And explain why you admire this person. The person I’m going to talk about is Bill Gates, one of the great businessmen that I have ever known. He is well-known as the co-founder (1) of Microsoft and the world’s richest man. However, for years, Gates has been a philanthropist (2) as he donates his money (4) to help less fortunate people (5) and invests in developing education or technology. I could start off by saying that I have a great admiration for (6) him because he established Microsoft cooperation and made computers more accessible (7) for all people. Furthermore, he is not only a knowledgeable person (8) but he is so benevolent  (9) and warm-hearted (10). He is the benefactor and savior (11) of many people. For example, he has spent so much money recruiting the prominent (12) scientists to help create life-changing  (13) vaccines, such as the world’s first ever malaria vaccine, which has now been given the green light to be used (14) on babies in sub-Saharan Africa. Last but not least, he always inspires (15) others to persist in (16) pursuing the goals and achieve immense success (17). He has written a lot of books such as The road ahead or The road to the future to teach people to do business and have perseverance and decisiveness (18) to overcome...

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Sample Mẫu Speaking

Speaking Part 1 Advertisements Weekends Home Daily routine Birthday Dream Email Friends Indoor games  Hobby Weather Color  Parks Musical instrument Reading books Hometown Jewelry Name Newspaper & Magazine Robots School Shoes Study Hats  Parents  Free time Gifts  Family  Going out Sports Sunshine Transportation Vegetables Work Film  Teamwork Computer  Teenagers Bus Rainy days Training Boat  Mirror Robots  Watch Clothes  Bags  Noise  Sky  Music  Museums  Sleep Trees Collect Speaking Part 2 Chủ đề PEOPLE  A business person you admire A helpful person  A good parent A polite person A historical person An interesting person from another country An interesting neighbor A person you know a lot An old person you respect A couple has happy marriage  Chủ Đề EXPERIENCE  A long car journey  Moved to a new school Something hasn't done yet A time you arrived early  An occasion you had a special cake A positive change  An achievement you are proud of A time felt happy with phone Chủ Đề OBJECT An advert you saw  A tall building you dislike An interesting photo  A piece of clothing A foreign food A piece of furniture Dream house An invention A toy Chủ đề PLACE An interesting place, not many people visit A park or garden you visited when you were little A leisure facility A public place that needs improvements Something you learned about a place from someone A place where...

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