Day: January 23, 2018


1.Do you like to watch films? I absolutely love watching movies. It is a way to experience how others live. Each of us can only have one life but we can experience so many different lifestyles in movies. It is kind of temporarily putting oneself into another world. 2.Do you prefer foreign films or Vietnamese films? I’m much more into imported films rather than domestically produced ones, because of a thing called cultural exposure. People in different countries have different cultural norms and ideas that come across in their film-making. To me, that’s important for broadening our horizons. 3.How often do you go to a cinema to watch a movie? I’m not really keen on watching films in the cinema. Therefore, I only go there when I have to meet my friends, or sometimes when there is a blockbuster that I want to see immediately. 4.Do Vietnamese people like to go to a cinema to watch a film? I would say yes. I can see that movie theaters have become an important part of Vietnamese life, and cinemas are packed whenever blockbusters are released. People like to go to a cinema to watch films since they can enjoy the live sound and images on the big screen and spectacular special effects always have a wide appeal to audiences. 5.What kinds of movies do you like best? I like adventure...

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1.When was the last time that you worked with a team? Let me see, just during the summer vacation, I took my first part-time job in a restaurant, which has around 20 employees. we worked together for almost two months. It was really valuable and unforgettable experience for me. 2.Do you like to work or study with others or just by yourself? Personally speaking, I guess I prefer to work or study with a group of people rather than studying on my own. There are some benefits that worth a mention. For example, I can get more ideas and build up my communication skills. 3.What’s the most important thing for teamwork? I guess the communication between team members should be far more central. It is known to us that communication effectiveness between team member can enhance our efficiency in working or studying. In addition, it also can decrease the misunderstanding between team members. 4.Do you like to be a leader? Well, to be honest, I really want be a leader, but the fact is that being a leader is not my strong suit. Personally speaking, i think a leaders should be someone with vision and born leadership, but unfortunately, i was not born with these...

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1.How often do you use the computer? I use it on a daily basis. I mean, I can’t go a day without it now because I use it to do almost everything, like searching for information, keeping in touch with friends, reading news and loosening up. My computer is a big part of my life now. 2.Who taught you how to use a computer? Well, my memory’s a bit sketchy now. I think it must have been my dad. If I remember correctly, he taught me how to type when I was a 4th grader. I remember thinking it was super difficult and I didn’t want to learn it at all, but my dad told me that typing would be an essential skill in the future. He was right. 3.Do you think computers have changed your life a lot? Yes, definitely. The computer has changed my life dramatically. For starters, when I was a child, I used to play with my little friends outside every day and we always had a ball together. However, now, in my downtime, I just like to surf on the internet and social networking sites allow me to know what my friends are doing. Plus, I don’t even need to leave my apartment anymore when I want to buy something. With a click of the mouse, I can buy anything on the internet. 4.What...

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1.What activities do teenagers in your country like to do? Well, they do anything that lets them enjoy their time, I guess, for example, doing shopping and hanging out with friends, watching online videos and meeting new people. Do shopping = đi mua sắm Hang out with friends = đi chơi với bạn 2.Do you often spend time with teenagers? Oh yes. I am an adolescent myself, so the majority of my friends are teenagers and we spend quite a bit of time together. Adolescent = vị thành niên The majority of = phần lớn 3.What is the best...

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1.How often do you take the bus? Actually, it really depends on different occasions. Like for instance, if it is from Monday to Friday, I would like to take the bus every day to the office because bus is just the perfect vehicle for commuting. Whereas in contrast, if it’s at weekends, the bicycle becomes my option instead of the bus, mainly because cycling is a good way of physical exercise and I have plenty of time for that weekends. 2.When was the first time you took a bus? Actually, I really can’t remember that clearly. But I guess it should be after the mygraduation time of primary school. This was due to the fact that I moved on tothe middle school which was a bit far away from home, so I had to take the bus instead of walking. 3.Is it convenient to take the bus in your city? Well, I guess it is really convenient because we have a very powerful and completed bus transit system, including BRT. You may go to every corner of the city with bus in a very short time. •However, we also know that bus is not a kind of door-to-door vehicle, so if you want more convenience, you’d better consider other options. 4.Do people in your country take the bus? Actually, it really depends on the different age groups. For the...

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