12 January 2018

Describe a polite person that you met

Describe a polite person that you met

where you met the person

How you met the person


Well, the most courteous man I know is my uncle, who’s my father’s little brother. We are pretty close. He’s only 10 years older than me and we always hang out together. He’s well educated, I mean, he just got his doctoral degree. He’s been to a bunch of formal occasions, and he’s quite familiar with social etiquette.

Whenever he’s out with someone, he’s always properly dressed. I didn’t get why he would go through so much trouble to “impress” others, but he explained, the whole point was not to impress, but to show respect. And he’s super modest when talking to others. Besides, he’s a good listener. He never cuts others off. It always feels good when I have a conversation with him.

And he’s extremely polite when interacting with waiters and taxi drivers. He would say thank you many times after he’s been helped. On top of that, he pays attention to small details in our daily life, like knocking on doors before entering a room, holding the door for others behind him, and holding the elevator when he sees someone rushing to the door.

So you see, he’s really a nice person, and he’s a good influence on me. Spending time with him has helped me become a better person.

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