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Describe a garden you have visited

You should say: where it was what it looked like what you did there and explain why you liked it there. Well, your questions have reminded me of the Classical Chinese Garden which is just a 10-minute walk away from where I live. It’s always a perfect place to visit. The covered walkways provide shelter so the beautiful views can be appreciated in any weather. The place is very peaceful, almost like a window on another world. Like another traditional Chinese park, there are a whole bunch of meadows, waterfalls, lakes, rockery there. The scenery seems to change every...

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Describe an interesting person from another country

You should say: Who this person is How you know this person What he/ she likes to do And explain why you think is interesting.   I have known him for about a year and we know each other inside out. He is good-looking, charismatic and manly. He has a great sense of humor and is really keen on telling jokes to make me burst into laughter whenever I have a chit-chat with him. In his leisure time, he is into hanging out with his friends and having a go at various kinds of Vietnamese cuisines, especially chicken noodles. During the weekend, we usually wander around Ha Noi city and taste many delicious foods. They are such enjoyable experiences...

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Đề Thi IELTS Reading and Listening Keys – Ngày 10/ 3/ 2018

Tuần này lại may mắn trúng 3 sect của Listening nhé mọi người ơi. Link download 1 passage Reading thi thật tuần này ở đây nhé mọi người   Keys for Listening   The secret of the Yawn A When a scientist began to study yawning in the 1980s, it was difficult to convince some of his research students of the merits of “yawning science.” Although it may appear quirky (诡异) his decision to study yawning was a logical extension to human beings of my research in developmental neuroscience, reported in such papers as “Wing-flapping during Development and Evolution.”...

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Ngày 10/ 3/ 2018

Cập Nhập đề hôm nay thôi. Task 2 ra giống đề ngày 3/ 3/ 2018 (chủ đề buildings). Người ra đề ngày càng chơi khăm thí sinh khi cho chủ đề giống nhau liên tiếp @@ (giống năm ngoái, 3 ngày thi trong 1 tháng đều ra chủ đề cycling). Task 1 Table – the number of donations to developing countries from national charities Task 2 When designing a building, the most important factor is intended use of the building rather than its outward appearance. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Mọi người thấy là đề này rất...

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Ngày 3/ 3/ 2018

Đề Writing hôm nay khá gây cấn với Task 2 quá khó để cho ra ideas mọi người ạ. Đề task 1 thì nghe report khá dễ thở. Task 1 Bar Task 2 Some people think that newly built houses should follow the style of the old houses in the local areas. Others think that people should have the freedom to build houses of their own style. Discuss and give your opinion. One of the most common debates these days is whether new houses should be constructed following well-established local styles or up to what house owners like. The second...

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