1 Bài Map Bên China

Đây là 1 bài map bên Trung Quốc tháng 1 vừa qua, đề khá dễ không quá khó. Mình kèm theo bài mẫu band 8.0 cho mọi người tham khảo bên dưới nhé.

The two maps illustrate the changes of a school campus from 1985 to 2012.

The two maps show the changes in the campus layout of a UK school from 1985 to 2012.

Overall, the school had changed its internal layout dramatically to better suit the need for growth (1) in student number.

In 1985, the school had 1500 students, and its office building was located in the northeast corner (2). To its east (3), there was a car park. People can also stop their cars in another parking lot (4) between the library and the classroom building. The southern area of the campus was nearly fully covered by a playing field (5). 

In 2012, when the number of students rose to 2300, the old car park in the north area was reconstructed to a new one with semicircle shape (6) and the library was changed into (7) a computer room. To its east, where there was a small car park was replaced by the trees and lawns (8). One storey was added to the original classroom building, and two new classroom blocks were constructed to its south and southwest direction. The west area of the playing field was used for building swimming pool and fitness club, so the playground shrank significantly.


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