14 May 2018

Đề Thi MapTháng 4 Kèm Bài Mẫu

The map below shows Hunderstone Town at present and a proposed plan for it.


The map illustrates planned infrastructural developments to Thunderstone Town.

Overall, the proposed plan aims to improve the connectivity between the town and the main road A1 through the addition of more road links, a large roundabout, and a new railway route. With the suggested infrastructural development, the town would be more accessible from the North and the South.

Currently, Hunderstone Town, together with its built-up area, is accessible from the A1 Road via an arterial connected with the ring road of the town. Another way to reach Hunderstone Town center is by railway which runs parallel with A1 Road and is situated between the A1 and the town center. A gas station lies at the intersection of the railway and the connecting road.

The proposed development is an additional road, named A4, to the South, directly linking the A1 with the Hunderstone ring road from the South. A large roundabout will be installed in proximity to the current gas station. The airfield in the northern area will be replaced by an industrial estate which can be reached via the A1 Road from the West or via a railway extension from the East.


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