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Do you like trees? Yes, I am a tree lover because trees let me breathe better, without them I couldn’t survive any longer. Are there any important trees in your country? There are many important trees in my country. The use of...

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How many hours do you sleep every day? Usually I sleep for seven to eight hours every day in order to let my body relax. But if I want to do something very important at night, I could only sleep for less than four hours. Is it...

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Are there many museums in your hometown? Yes, there are various kinds of museums in China, such as the museums of modern art, museums of science and industry, and museums of nature. Do you think museums are useful for visitors...

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Do you like music? Why / why not? Yes, I love to spend my leisure time listening music. What kind of music do you listen to? Why? Well, there is no special category that I am following most. But for sure I have a preference...

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Do you like to watch the sky? Yes, I am really into watching the sky, especially at night to count the countless stars when I was a kid. I remember I sometimes laid down in the grass for hours to watch the shining stars when in...

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Are you ever bothered by noise? Yes, just recently, my neighbor was decorating his apartment upstairs in our high-rise in the daytime. I was really bothered by the noise of the drill. Where can you hear loud noises? The noise...

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