Cập Nhập IELTS Reading Và Listening Key – Ngày 17/ 11/ 2018

Hôm nay đề Writing không khó lắm, tuy nhiên đề Listen đc dự báo là khá khoai. Vẫn chưa có đáp án Listening, nhưng mò được 1 passage Reading bên dưới nhé mems ơi. (Mình sẽ cập nhật khi có đáp án nhé)


Link Reading: https://goo.gl/g2RD2Z


A Wonder Plant

The wonder plant with an uncertain future: more than a billion people rely on bamboo for either their shelter or income, while many endangered species depend on it for their survival. Despite its apparent abundance, a new report says that species of bamboo may be under serious threat.

A Every year, during the rainy season, the mountain gorillas of Central Africa migrate to the foothills and lower slopes of the Virunga Mountains to graze on bamboo. For the 650 0r so that remain in the wild, it’s a vital food source. Although there are at almost 150 types of plant, as well as various insects and other invertebrates, bamboo accounts for up t0 90 percent of their diet at this time of year. Without it, says Ian Redmond, chairman of the Ape Alliance, their chances of survival would be reduced significantly. Gorillas aren’t the only locals keen on bamboo. For the people who live close to the Virungas, it’s a valuable and versatile raw material used for building houses and making household items such as mats and baskets. But in the past 100 years or so, resources have come under increasing pressure as populations have exploded and large areas of bamboo forest have been cleared to make way for farms and commercial plantations.





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