04 February 2018

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Bags

  1. What types of bags do you like?

The bag is not really a must-have item for me. I just use a backpack due to its convenience. Probably I’ll spend some time getting to know more about bags later on.

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  1. Do you usually carry a bag when you go out?

I’m not a big fan of this item so the only bag I use from time to time is the backpack. I love backpack because I tend to put a lot of heavy stuff inside such as my laptop, my water bottles, etc. whenever I get outdoors. It’s the long-term convenience that makes high-quality backpacks worth my money.

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  1. Do you have different bags for different occasions?

Well, I must say that at present I have no idea about different types of bags or that sort of things. And it also costs me an arm and a leg if I ever want to become a bag collector with, say, twenty different bags for different occasions. However, I do have one fashionable small satchel for special occasions. I’m also kind of afraid that wearing heavy bags all the time will somehow affect my spine and my shoulders.

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  1. What do you put in these bags?

Well, when I go out or go to work, I usually put my laptop, cell phone,, basic beauty products like lipsticks, lotions, water bottle and probably a pair of earphones. When I use the smaller backpack, I tend to leave everything at home but my makeup kit and water bottles.

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  1. Have you lost bags?

I think every woman regardless of age, occupation, tastes, needs, etc has at least one backpack with them. As I’ve already explained about its convenience, a backpack is ideal for everyday life. However, the top favorite bag would be the well-designed handbag.

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