1. Do you like going boating?

Absolutely, I am a big fan of boating which is a great outdoor sport. Being out in the fresh air and sunshine boosts your mood and contributes to your overall fitness. More importantly, as soon as you step off the dock, you have an unbridled sense of freedom.

2. Have you ever traveled by boat?

Oh, dozen times, I guess. Boating is the perfect way for me to unwind and reconnect in the natural environment. So, yeah, I always try to go on a boat trip while traveling near the water.

3. Would you like to have your own boat?

Oh yeah, I would do it with pleasure. I think it is an excellent investment and also a great fun and one of the best way to draw a family together.

Yes, definitely! I’ve been longing for a cruise tour for ages since I watched the film Titanic, it looked so cool and luxurious to be on a ship with restaurants, bars and everything on it. Also, you can enjoy the gorgeous sunset on the sea, so I think cruising is the best way to travel as long as the ship doesn’t crash with an iceberg like what happened in the film.

No, not really. I get seasick easily, so staying on a boat for too long is absolutely not a good idea for me. I still remember that I had a 30-minute boat tour when I was traveling on LIJIANG river and kept throwing up for 10 minutes afterward, it was a nightmare.

4. Is boat trip popular in your country?

No, not really, because China’s railway system is so advanced that most people under most circumstances will choose it over boat travel. but the sightseeing by boat on Changjiang river is a fun journey for many.

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