1.How often do you take the bus?

Actually, it really depends on different occasions.

Like for instance, if it is from Monday to Friday, I would like to take the bus every day to the office because bus is just the perfect vehicle for commuting.

Whereas in contrast, if it’s at weekends, the bicycle becomes my option instead of the bus, mainly because cycling is a good way of physical exercise and I have plenty of time for that weekends.

2.When was the first time you took a bus?

Actually, I really can’t remember that clearly. But I guess it should be after the mygraduation time of primary school.

This was due to the fact that I moved on tothe middle school which was a bit far away from home, so I had to take the bus instead of walking.

3.Is it convenient to take the bus in your city?

Well, I guess it is really convenient because we have a very powerful and completed bus transit system, including BRT.

You may go to every corner of the city with bus in a very short time. •However, we also know that bus is not a kind of door-to-door vehicle, so if you want more convenience, you’d better consider other options.

4.Do people in your country take the bus?

Actually, it really depends on the different age groups.

For the teenagers, they usually take the bus because they are somewhat independent to take the bus by themselves but still too young to drive.

For the young adults under 30, they would also like to take the bus because they may not be wealthy enough to afford a car just after several years of working.

5.What is the difference between taking a bus and taking a train?

There is not much difference when going for smaller distances, apart from the fact that trains tend to be more comfortable as one gets to sleep. With a bus, one is stuck in one place and has to sit. However, in longer distances, trains tend to be faster as compared to a bus.

6.What do you do when you are on a bus

Oh, I just listen to music in order not to listen to conversations between people as more often than not people speak so loudly that you can’t help hearing everything they say.

7.How good is the bus service where you live?

I wouldn’t say the bus service in my city runs like clockwork, but it is efficient, at least, compared to that in other cities in my country. There is an extensive network of buses and there are both short bus lines and long ones.