1. Do you like to collect anything?

I’m really into collecting toy cars, especially when I was a kid. You know at that time, although my parents didn’t get much money to buy me toy cars, I still got a number of them in my bedroom

  1. How much time do you spend on your collection?

Actually I always play these toy cars with my son on a daily basis. As he is a big fan of cars, so I often squeeze some time out of my busy day to play with him.

  1. Would you keep your collection in the future?

Yes, definitely. That is because now I collect various kinds of toy cars for my son, which has already been one of his hobbies. I really intend to buy new ones for him to enrich his collections.

  1. Why do people keep old things?

I guess the reason why people to collect varies, you know some people collect the antiques might be because they think all these things will be more valuable in the future. While others on the other hand, collect just because they like the old-fashioned stuff and want to keep them together.

  1. What kinds of things do Chinese people like to collect?

It’s kind of hard to say but people I know around me tend to keep books or photographs because it can help cultivate their mental development, but maybe for others, they probably tend to collect some ancient furniture or jewelry because they believe the return of these investments is expected to be enormous.