1.What was your favorite color when you were a child?

As a child, I remember not being very much fussy about the color, I loved all of them and there was nothing like favoritism for any color. There were times when I loved violet, the other times red, sometimes yellow and on and on.

2. Is that still your favourite colour now?

Not really. I love black colour now. I think black is very mysterious and sophisticated at the same time.

3.Do you think colors are important?

Well, I think yes. Colors tend to suggest the mood of a person and bring more of spark in a particular day. Like, on a wedding , people tend to wear bright clothes and it uplifts the entire mood. I think every color has its own significance, and they bring that significance alive.

4.Is color very important for you when buying clothes?

For me, the only thing that matters while buying clothes is that it should look good on me. So, I really don’t bother much about the color as long as the dress is looking nice on me.

5.If you were to paint the walls of your room, what color would you choose?

I would prefer white or beige color for the walls, with some drawing or styling done on the room. White or beige make the room look more spacious and I like room to be spacious and the styling brings more of personal touch to the room.

6.Do you think different types of people like different colors?

Sure, some people like pale colors and other like darker colors. Take me and my sister for example – I love black and she almost hates it, she much prefers lighter, pastel colors, especially for her clothes.

Some people prefer dark colors because they’re somber and serious and others prefer certain colors like yellow and white because they invoke a sense of serenity and peace. So, yes, different types of people like different colors.