1.How often do you use the computer?

I use it on a daily basis. I mean, I can’t go a day without it now because I use it to do almost everything, like searching for information, keeping in touch with friends, reading news and loosening up. My computer is a big part of my life now.

2.Who taught you how to use a computer?

Well, my memory’s a bit sketchy now. I think it must have been my dad. If I remember correctly, he taught me how to type when I was a 4th grader. I remember thinking it was super difficult and I didn’t want to learn it at all, but my dad told me that typing would be an essential skill in the future. He was right.

3.Do you think computers have changed your life a lot?

Yes, definitely. The computer has changed my life dramatically. For starters, when I was a child, I used to play with my little friends outside every day and we always had a ball together. However, now, in my downtime, I just like to surf on the internet and social networking sites allow me to know what my friends are doing. Plus, I don’t even need to leave my apartment anymore when I want to buy something. With a click of the mouse, I can buy anything on the internet.

4.What kinds of computers are popular in China?

I guess maybe office computers and laptops. For the brand, I believe Apple-brand computers take up a big market share among Chinese people.

5.What do you usually use your computer for?

Well, with computers,I can do pretty much thing, like checking and writing e-mails,watching online movies, shopping and chatting online, searching for information…whatever you name it.And recently, I use computer to search information a lot,simply because I am to graduate from university and I need to finish my dissertation with a huge amount of information.