You should say:

  • What it is
  • How big is it
  • How many employees work there

And explain what you think about it

A good number of successful companies are available across the world but none of them is as enriched as Microsoft Corporation. This is a big software company and it employs a lot of people.

Microsoft Corporation mostly deals with technological issues. The majority of the personal computers in the world now run with Windows operating system. This is the greatest invention of this company. Besides, it has its association with some other corporate bodies and has bought Skype and LinkedIn – two of the most popular modes of virtual networking and communication. Besides, the company has some other areas of interest like it has a share in video game industry. The corporation is skilled in producing computer software and sells them at a reasonable rate. It also comes up with some other services like mobile phones and digital service market. The computer also started producing personal computers for the users, tablet computers and more. Microsoft Office Suite is the most used software for computers and people use the software package to meet a wide number of their needs.

I believe Microsoft Corporation is a very successful company so far after its initiation. In fact, it has no noteworthy competitors in the market. It has happened for its specially made software and their unique features. The company is successful in almost every term. The services are unique and the users are satisfied with the software quality.

Furthermore, the corporation has always tried to bring the products in a user-friendly environment. Anyone can use the personal computers without experiencing any sort of troubles. Besides, the products are exceptionally simple and easy to use. But there are some complexities with some other operating system like Linux or Mac. So, I think this is a successful company and it is for the exceptional strategies