You should say:

  • When it happened
  • Where it happened
  • Who you were with

And explain why you felt happy by using your cellphone

My cell phone is very important to me and makes me happy because it was a gift from my father. My father gave me the money to buy a cell phone and I bought the HTC desire X cell phone from an authorized seller. So my father actually gave the mobile phone to me.

This smartphone has versatile usages and is very special to me. I spent a significant time with this device and some of them are very positive for me like updating my blog and reading e-books. This is a small device with approximately 6.5 x 4 inches dimension but it is a powerful tool and the internet connection in it makes it even more powerful. The first and foremost specialty of this device is that it lets me get connected with my family members and friends. Second, it is an amusement and recreational device that lets me play games and listen to music. Third, I can update my social networking profiles and get updates of my friend right from my cell phone. I had to go to a cyber cafe to check an email or to send one before I purchased this smartphone. Now I have this handy device that I can easily use to connect to the internet. Since this is an Android OS device I can download many application and tutorials and learn new things. Sometimes I take photos and then share it with my friends. Communication has become so easy and convenient with the help of this cell phone.