You should say:

  • What was this thing
  • Why was it special to you
  • How much did it cost you

Explain how you felt after you bought it

The thing that I saved up for is my first smart phone. That was when I was in high school, smart phones just came on the market, I really wanted to have one, that way I could get rid of my old ‘bulky’ phone, you know, the old style Nokia that was like a brick . However, my mom refused to buy me one, ’cause she thought it was just a waste of money. Plus, all those new functions would just be a distraction.

However, I was dying to have one, so I decided to save money to get it myself.

Back then, I didn’t have too much pocket money, so sometimes I had to skip breakfast to save money. And for two months, I didn’t buy any snacks or clothes for myself. I realized later, however, saving was far In enough, in order to get the money I needed, I had to figure out a way to make money. So I offered to do housework for my mom, ’cause in my experience, my mom would give me more pocket money if she’s in a good mood. And I would ask if I knew needed a tutor, so I could get some payment from this ‘part-time job’.

And after about 3 months, I finally got enough money to buy the smart phone I wanted, and I was on top of the world when I got it.