IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Dictionary

Do you often use dictionary?

Yeah, I use dictionary more often. I’m really into reading English novels, and whenever I come across any new words, I would look them up in the dictionary, but I don’t use the paper dictionary, I have an electronic one In my phone, that’s more time-saving, you know.

What kind of dictionary do you like to use?

Well, personally, I prefer to use monolingual dictionary, ’cause the English explanation of a word can help me have a better and more correct understanding of that word. So I have downloaded an Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary in my phone, and it has helped me a lot.

Do you think the dictionary is useful?

Yeah! It’s super useful, I mean, it helps me fuller independent of my English teacher, and it has expanded my vocabulary quite a lot. I can enjoy the pleasure of reading English novels without getting stuck on words that I don’t know.

What are the benefits of using dictionary for kids?

Like I said, dictionaries can help develop learner autonomy, I mean, when kids are at home studying, with the help of a dictionary, they don’t need to ask teachers for help anymore. And besides knowing the meaning of a word, they can also learn about how to use the word from examples provided in the dictionary, which is helpful for their writing and speaking skills.

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