1.Do you wear hats/caps? Do you like them?

I wear caps…I just had one big brown cowboy hat when I was in college but I didn’t wear it much….never found a liking for it.

2.Why do you wear them?

I wear them every day as I ride to work on my bike and I don’t want my hair to be wrecked…and since I need a cap every day, I have bought quite a few different kind of caps so that I don’t repeat just the one or two.

3.Why do people generally wear a hat?

To shade their heads from the sun…or maybe to hide their baldness…I think in my country these are the main reasons…and another reason can be for people who are fashionable and want to try hats with their look…some people also wear hats as it is a part of the uniform they’re wearing…for example, policemen.

4.Does it represent any fashion?

Yes they do…nowadays young boys and girls were these very quirky beret caps…I think they are in trend right now…

5.On what occasion people generally prefer wearing a hat?

Muslims generally wear a small round cap when they go to the mosques to pray, and in Hindu households, men wear a white cap called ‘Gandhi cap’ at the time they are a part of any religious or traditional ceremony.

6.Is wearing hats popular in your country?

It’s not much sought after in my country where the motorbike is the most common means of transportation, and it is a must to wear a helmet whenever you ride a motorbike for safety. I think you can imagine how much uncomfortable it is to wear a hat under the helmet. Thus in most of the case, hats are for pedestrians and fashionista.