IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Letters

Do you write many letters or emails?

Well, as far as I can remember, I’ve never written any letters, and I hardly ever send emails except when I hand in/submit my assignment/homework to my professor in college.

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Do you prefer to write letters by hand or to use a computer? / Which do you more often write, emails or letters?

Um… well, if I had to choose, then maybe I would send an email, ’cause it’s much more convenient than writing a letter by hand. But actually, it’s not likely to happen, ’cause if I really need to send messages to Others, I would just contact them on one of those chatting applications in my phone.

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What is the difference between a letter and an email?

In my opinion, letters are more personal and emotional, we have an old Vietnamese saying, when you open a letter and see the handwriting, it’s like you actually see the person who wrote it. That’s who few people would send a love letter by email And as for emails, they are more convenient to send, I mean, you don’t need to go to the post office or buy any stamps, as long as you have Internet access, the people you write to will receive your email immediately , which is time-saving.

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Is it hard to think of what to write?

Like, I just send emails to my professors to hand in my homework, so every time I just write ‘Dear Professor blah, blah, the attachment is my homework you assigned, thanks for your Time and have a nice day’, things like that.

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Do you think people will still write letters in the future?

Yeah, some people might think that letters seem to be a thing of the past, but personally I believe that writing letters represents an emotional connection. It’s more sincere, and it’s the fact that few people are still doing it that makes it all the more Precious.

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