IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Save Money

Save money

Do you like shopping?

Yes, I do. If I have enough money to spend, I could shop all day. However, cauze I am currently a student, I do not have any job to earn money.

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Have you bought anything interesting recently?

Yes, I did. I bought a small speaker that I am now using to listen to music whenever I’m at home.

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How important is money to you?

Just like everybody, money is important for me. We need it to survive, paying for daily needs like food, drink and shelter.

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Do you think you will have lots of money in future?

I am working hard to have lots of money in the future. Well, maybe not too much, just enough to have a good lifestyle. But I still think having happines in life does not necessrily mean being wealthy.

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Would you like to become rich some day?

Of course I do. I like to become affluent some day so that I can do more and help more people.

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Do you think it is ok to lend money to friends or family members?

I think it is okay to lend money as long as it would serve a good cause.

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Are you good at saving money?

Honestly, not really because I can be an impulsive buyer sometimes. For example, whenever I see something that I really like even if it is not necessary, I’d buy it.

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Is it difficult for you to control your spending?

It is, especially when I know I have some extra money. Like… sometimes, you don’t know where did your money go to. It is had to manage expenses.

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