IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Teachers


Do you have a favorite teacher?

Why not? In my student life, my English teacher left the deepest impression on me. I can describe her as a person who has a heart of gold and always puts students first. Thanks to her assistance, I did have a good English performance in my university entrance exam.

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Do you want to be a teacher in the future

To be quite honest, I am in dilemma at the moment for choosing my career path. My father is a teacher and people around hold him in high esteem so I really want to follow in his step. However, I also have a burning desire for becoming a businesswoman, which helps me to have money to burn as well as challenge myself more.

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Do you think teachers should be angry at students or not?

My answer is no. you know, anger is a negative feeling. This feeling can widen gaps between teachers and students, which can be responsible for slow perception of students in their study. In addition, teachers can set a bad role model for students to follow. Who knows! Their students will become bad- tempered people in the future

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What’s the difference between young teachers and old teachers?

To tell them apart is not an easy task. Based on my experience and observation, old teachers seem to have more hands-on experience than young ones. However, it is obvious that there are few generation gaps between younger teachers and their students so it is easier for teachers to pass their knowledge on to students and for students to perceive it.

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What is the most important part in your study, teachers or classmates?

In my study, both of them play important roles. When it comes to teachers, they are always sources of motivation for me to overcome study problems and help me broaden my knowledge. At the same time, friends seem to create an ideal learning environment for me to compete as well as cooperate in order to break my own limits and bring my best out. All things considered, I guess the importance of teachers out-weight that of friends a little bit.

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