IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Describe A River

You should say:

  • Where the river/ sea was
  • What activities you did there
  • Who was with you

Explain why you liked this particular place and why do you recommend the place for others to visit.

I’d like to talk about the river in my hometown called Songhua River.

It runs across the city and definitely beautifies the whole area. The night views along the river are gorgeous when all the lights are on. There are skyscrapers on both sides of the river, and most of them are high-rise apartment buildings. Installed decorative lights on the walls of the buildings, and when it’s getting dark, the lights start to show attractive and creative patterns, which light up the whole place.

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And there are several bridges over the river. The streetlights on the bridges are another magnet for citizens and visitors. Everyday we can see many photographers take pictures near the river. I guess another reason why the river means a lot to the local people is that it provides electric power for the whole city. There’s a power station upstream working 24-7.

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The most magical scenery along the river must be the rime on the trees during winter. Like I coupling earlier, we have a power station, so the water in the river is always flowing, it won’t freeze even when the temperature is 30 degrees. Below zero. And when the steam rises from the river and meets the cold branches of willow trees, it just turns into ice. And from a distance, it just looks like a wonderland. This river is like a symbol of my hometown, and that’s why it’s really important.

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