IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Describe an intelligent person that you know

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • when and where you first met them
  • what kind of person they are

and explain why you think this person is intelligent.

The most gifted individual I have ever met is Minh Quang. My friends and I usually call him “professor” because he literally knows everything ranging from fixing a car to creating booms… yeah…you hear it correctly.

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If I don’t remember wrong, I met him about five years ago in a party held by one of my friends. We were around 20, and studied in the same university in Binh Duong. As for his personality, I would characterize him as thoughtful, sociable and humorous. And overall, he is just a bright and likeable guy, who is very easy to engage a conversation with.

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I can provide plenty of evidence to prove that he is a smart person, but I’ll just pick some to share with you, and I believe they would do the job. Firstly, his academic performance is remarkable. Outstanding as he is, and he never spends much time studying or staying up late, which means that he is either extremely efficient or intelligent. Secondly, he has mastered 3 languages namely English, Spanish and Chinese only by learning by himself. His speaking and writing is absolutely fluent.

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He is a helpful person too, who is always beside me whenever I face difficulties. I am very glad to have him as friends.


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