IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Describe an open-air or street market

Describe an open-air or street market which you enjoyed visiting

You should say:

  • where the market is
  • what the market sells
  • how big the market is

and explain why you enjoyed visiting it.

This topic reminds me of the time I went shopping in a well-known street market in Nha Trang, which is a coastal city in the south of Vietnam. That place is warm and pleasant all year round, so it’s a popular tourist spot in my country.

I visited that street market at night because during daytime, it’s just a regular street, nothing special, but it would start to come alive after dark. The name of the street left a deep impression on me because it is named after my favorite Vietnamese general – Vo Nguyen Giap who, I believe is one of the most famous generals in the world.

Anyway, the street features a variety of snacks from all over the country. An on both sides of the street, there are bookstores and gift shops selling souvenirs, like bookmarks, cell phone cases, key chains and things like that.

It’s a paradise for us, cause by parents and I are all foodies. We ate stinky tofu grilled fish and stuff. And we sound a stand that is really hot in social media selling ice cream that could smoke.

The street was packed with people, tourist all over the nation went there to have fun and taste those mouth-watering snacks. It was a memorable night.

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