1. Are you ever bothered by noise?

Yes, just recently, my neighbor was decorating his apartment upstairs in our high-rise in the daytime. I was really bothered by the noise of the drill.

  1. Where can you hear loud noises?

The noise can be frequently heard around the places such as airports, bus stations, and construction sites.

  1. Do you think there is more noise in people’s lives today than in the past?

Yes, definitely right. As the city grows bigger and population bulge, our life has become more and noisier.

  1. What sounds do you like?

I enjoy the sound of flowing water in the forest. I even recorded it in my mobile when I traveled in the forest park. I dislike the sound made by fingernails on the blackboard because it annoys me and makes me feel nervous.

  1. What sounds remind you of your childhood?

The train. Because there was a train track through my middle school, and we could hear the sound of trains every time they came through my school. I had been used to the sound, and even could not sleep well without it in the background.

  1. Do you mind noises?

It’s really hard for me to say no. I mean, I really can’t bear noisy people, noisy places or even noisy things. For me noise is the number-one distractor when it comes to studying or working. You know, they actually just go ahead and interrupt my flow of thoughts.

  1. What types of noise do you come across in your daily life?

Well, I have to say that I face up to a rich variety of noises on a daily basis. The first type of noise is from traffic, especially during the rush hours. The second is noise from factories, construction sites which never fail to distract me from working, thereby reducing my productivity.

  1. Are there any sounds that you like?

I think there is one sound that can always lull me to sleep, the rain sound. There are nights I was so stressed out that I can hardly sleep no matter how much I tried, and then I went online searching for some sound for deep sleep or relaxation, and rain sound is always one of the top choices. And since then rain sound has become my go-to on sleepless nights.

  1. Where can you hear loud noises?

From a number of sources. It can come from the crazy drivers down there on the streets. It can come from a building being built. It can come from music festivals or a DJ party where the crowd totally go wild. It can even come from a crying baby or a fight next-door.

  1. Do you think there’s too much noise in modern society?

Indeed. I do think the level of noise is increasing over time mainly due to human activities. The situation gets even worse if you live in a big modern city at a young age. Your auditory must be trained so hard to tolerate such noise every day. It is really alarming now to raise people’s awareness towards this “invisible” killer.

  1. Are cities becoming noisier?

Most cities in our country are suffering serious noise pollution due to rapidly increasing population and a massive amount of daily transportation. The consistently intense presence of noise does serious harm to the public health.

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