1.Should parents be strict with their children?

yeah. strict rules is a must.strict discipline causes the child to have values such as perseverance, hard work and fair play instilled in them.

2.What’s the most valuable thing parents can give to their children?

my mother is the most loving person I could possibly meet in my life. She taught me the basic values of life and she put a great effort to teach me to distinguish the right from wrong. She is a virtuous and benevolent woman and I have a great admiration for her.

3.Are parents the best teachers for children?

of course, they are!Parents are more engaged in their children’s activities than any other person because they spend more time with them than even teachers in schools, so they can find more deeply their children’s personal weaknesses.Sensationally, they feel closer to their children than any other people are. Bonding helps mothers to love their children more than any other else.

4.Do your parents teach you lots of things that cannot be learned in school?

yes, my mother never hesitates to inspire me whenever I do something good. She is the best critic I can possibly have and because of her, I have learned computer programming, art, and other important skills. She is a hard-working woman who has devoted her entire life for her family. I learned the importance and necessity of a close family from her.