1. Do you like going to parks and/or public gardens?

(If yes:)

Yeah, on the whole I do, as long as the weather’s nice of course! You know, I think they’re nice places to go to get some fresh air and enjoy the natural environment. And I always tend to feel a bit less stressed out when I’m in a garden or park.

(If no:)

No I don’t, because I kind of think there’s not really that much to do in parks. I mean, most of the ones near to where I live have nothing! You know, all you can really do is just wander around, and after you’ve been to them so many times, they kind of get a bit boring, if you know what I mean!

2. When was the last time you went to a park?

Um… let me see…when was the last time?… I suppose it must have been about … it must have been about two or three months ago, a bit before Christmas, cos I remember that day the sky was really clear for a change! And so I thought it would be nice to go out for a walk somewhere, which I did.

3. Do you think the parks and gardens where you live could be improved in anyways?

Yeah I do. I think they could be improved quite a bit. Cos as I mentioned just now, there’s not really that much you can do there, so I think some facilities could be added. For example, it would be nice if there was a café or something where you could sit and enjoy the surroundings with a cup of coffee. And uh.. what else?… Oh yeah, another thing that I think’s lacking is children’s play areas, you know, like climbing frames, swings and slides, because I’ve noticed that most parks have exercise equipment for adults, but nothing really for children. So this is another aspect in which I think parks could really improve on.

4. Would you like to see more parks and gardens in your hometown?

Yeah I would, because we only have a very small number at the moment, and considering there are several million people living here, I think it would definitely be good to have a few more!

5. Do you prefer to relax with your friends in a park or an indoor place?

I’d say I generally prefer to relax with my friends somewhere indoors, because I mean, if I’m meeting up with them in a park, then everything could be ruined by the weather. So it’s a bit easier arranging to meet somewhere indoors. Having said that though, if it’s a really nice day out, then I suppose I would prefer to be outside with them somewhere, like a park.