You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • When and where it happened
  • What the problem was

And explain why it was a clever solution、

The clever person I’d like to talk about today is Huweiwei, the founder and CEO of Mobike Technology. She is a young entrepreneur in her 30s. Weiwei decided to quit her job and create Mobike the first well-known bike-sharing company in China when she was 32.

I’ve watched an interview with Weiwei, she said in the video that the traffic is surprisingly terrible in Beijing. The horrible traffic jams in rush hours are just one thing, what made her more frustrated was the inconvenient public transportation. Only a few people can live close to the metro stations, and the shuttle buses between metro stations and residential areas are quite limited. Every morning, she had to order a taxi to the station, it was a torture for her to spend such a long time on transport. That’s when she started to realize, bicycle seems to be the only solution to the problem.

Mobike is indeed a clever solution and invention. It’s different from other shared bikes, firstly because of its weather-sensible design, including plastic wheels and airless tires. It can withstand the raining seasons in most of the big cities in China, like Shanghai’s plum rains.

It has solved most of the problems caused by the inconvenient public transportation in big cities in China. You don’t have to wait in the traffic jams if you can find a mobike nearby and scan it with your smart phone.

More importantly, it is a win-win solution, not only did it solve people’s traffic problems, it has positive effects on the environment. That’s why the government has been funding the company ever since it was established.



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