You should say:

  • Who took it
  • Who was in the photo
  • When the photo was taken

And explain why it was interesting


I’m going to tell you about a photograph of me and my sister. It’s quite unusual in that I’m not very photogenic and it’s one of the few photos of me where I like the way I look.

I can’t remember the exact date the photo was taken but it was quite some time ago now. It was when we were on a big family holiday in the central park – perhaps 2 years ago. We don’t often now go on holidays as a family together and that was almost the last time the whole family was there.

 I guess that Minh – my brother-in-law was the one behind the camera. I say that because he’s brilliant at photography and any good photos we have are normally ones that he’s taken. He’s got a great eye for it and of course he has all the right gear – special lenses and so on.

 It’s quite a simple photo. It’s just my sister and myself in a boat on a lake – you can see the lake and shore in the background. But the idea is that it’s just the two of us together – looking happy.  Part of the reason it looks great I suppose is that it’s in black and white and that gives it a timeless quality. The other thing is that he caught us unawares and neither of us was looking directly at the camera – so it’s not exactly a portrait. I remember because it brings back great memories of a memorable holiday and as I said before I look good in it!


Alternative Answer

With the arrival of modern digital cameras and smartphones, photograph taking and preserving has become very easier and people take more photos nowadays than they did 10 years back. In our house, we have many photo albums which are full of different photos of our family members including me. Among all the photographs, my favourite photograph is the one that depicts my father in his early childhood. This photograph was taken at least 60 years ago when my father was around 5-6 years old.

As I heard from my grandmother, this picture was taken by a professional photographer from a distant town on occasion of my father’s birthday. In the photograph my father was wearing a shirt, a short pant and a pair of shoes. He was sitting in a chair and the background was the garden where the picture was taken. This black-and-white photograph and two years back the photo was retouched by a professional photo editor.

This is a very important photograph to me as it depicts a time and moment that I would have never been known to in any other way. This is the only photograph of my father from his childhood and it gives me idea how he was at that moment. I revere this photograph and somehow it reminds me the similarities that I have with my father.


Những câu hỏi tương tự

1. Describe something important you own.
2. Describe a photograph that you really like.
3. Describe something you would like to keep for a long time.
4. Talk about an old thing you still have.
5. Describe a family photograph you have.

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