23 January 2018

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Rainy days

1. Do you like rainy days?

No, not that much to be honest with you, because I mean, when it rains, you can’t really do anything outside, unless you don’t mind getting wet of course! And also for me, I find it a bit of a hassle carrying an umbrella around with me everywhere.

  • Not that much = không nhiều như thế
  • To be honest with you = thành thật với bạn là
  • Don’t mind = không phiền
  • A bit of a hassle = khá khó khăn

2. What do you do on rainy days?

Well it kind of depends really, because there are some things I have to do regardless of whether it’s raining or not, you know, like going to lectures and stuff. But when I’m free, I tend to just chill out at home if it’s raining. So for example, I might read a book or watch TV, and I’ll only leave the flat if I absolutely have to!

  • Kind of = kiểu như
  • Depend = lệ thuộc vào
  • Regardless of weather = bất kể thời tiết như thế nào
  • Lectures = lớp học, buổi học
  • Chill out at home= nằm dài ở nhà

3. Do you think rain is good?

Yeah, for sure. I mean, for one thing, it helps get rid of all the dust in the air. And secondly, it’s good for the natural environment. You know, it helps all the plants and vegetation stay alive. So although I don’t particularly like the rain, I understand the need for it!

  • For sure = chắc chắn rồi
  • For one thing = cho 1 điều
  • Get rid of = thoát khỏi
  • Dust = bụi
  • Stay alive = sống

4. Does rain ever affect transportation in your hometown?

Yeah, most definitely, because you know, whenever it rains, the traffic always seems to get a lot more congested. I’m not exactly sure why, but I guess it’s probably because cars have to drive slower in the rain.

  • The traffic = giao thông
  • Get congested = bị nghẹt, bị tắt đường

5. Is there any part of Vietnam where it doesn’t rain much?

Yeah, I’d say there are quite a few areas of the country where it doesn’t rain a lot. I’d say the middle of Vietnam, in general, doesn’t really get all that much rain, at least compared with the south, so a lot of that part of the country is quite dry and arid.

  • At least = ít nhất là
  • Dry and arid = nóng và không


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