Speaking Part 1: Dream

1. Do you often have dreams at night?

Yes, actually I dream a lot at night. Some may say it indicates poor sleeping quality, while I quite enjoy them. I think dreams are like filtered reality. It might add something like magic to our normal life.

2. Have you had a bad dream before?

Truth to be told, I had a really bad dream these days. I dreamt about how I performed poorly in today’s IELTS’ exam. I remember the topic was to describe a famous person in your country, which I had completely no idea with the one who impressed me a lot. Well, I do hope things will be fine today.

3. What’s the strangest dream you have had?

Well, the strangest dream I’ve had was being the alumni of Harry Potter. During that period, I was enchanted by the Harry Potter world and watched Harry Potter movie series several times. In that dreams, I was admitted in Gryffindor, Hogwarts. The excitement I felt when I held the magic wand was so fresh that I was quite disappointed when I woke up. Truth to be told, I do want more of this kind of strange dreams.

4. What do you usually dream about?

I usually dream about what happened in the daytime. For example, during the exam week, I even take exams in my dreams. It’s like an endless nightmare, given that I already suffered a lot in real life.

5.Do you usually remember your dreams after waking up?

Well, I can remember some immediately after I wake up. But I will forget everything several minutes later. I kind of remember the feeling but I can’t recall any details.

6.Do you like listening to others talking about their dreams?

Yeah, definitely. I mean, dreams are always so fascinating. Sometimes it is like listening to many interesting stories. And sometimes you can know more about the person who tells the dream because sometimes dreams reflect some kind of reality. There is an old saying in Chinese which says ‘you will dream of something at night if you are thinking about it in the day time.’ I think it makes great sense because sometimes when I miss my parents, they will appear in my dream.

7.Can you talk about a dream you had and remember?

Well honestly, now I can’t recall any dreams I had, especially the complete one. I usually forget the dreams I had immediately after I get up. But I can recall some nightmares, such as being chased by a dog or by some bad guys. Also, I remember I had a car accident in the dream. Well, those dreams were terrible and so frightening. I wish I would never have that kind of dream ever.

8.Do you think dreams always have special meanings?

Well, I am afraid I don’t much about the special meanings of dreams. But my grandmother used to tell me that if I dream of a snake, it means I will get lucky. And I heard of a book called Dream Interpretation written by Freud who proposed some explanations to different dreams. Hope one day I can read that book to know more about dreams.