1. What kind of jewelry do you like?

Well, I think I like all kinds jewelry, like the necklace, the ring, the earring and so on. Since the women are natural jewelry-lovers, I think the jewelry has already become a part of my life.

2. Have you given other people jewelry?

Yes, I have. I remembered that I sent a beautiful necklace to my best friend when it came to her birthday. The necklace was made of the white gold and crystal, and its design was very unique. My friend fell in love with it at the first sight.

3. Why do people like it?

Well, on the one hand, people like wearing jewelry according to the style of their clothes. In this case, they will look more elegant under the decoration of the jewelry. On the other hand, the jewelry also symbolizes the social status and the social background.

4. What is your attitude toward jewelry?

Well, I think the jewelry is very important since it can show a person’s taste and quality. However, I do not think that people should buy too much jewelry since it may make people look like an upstart.

5. Why do so many people choose to buy expensive jewelry to maintain value?

Well, I think buying expensive jewelry is also a kind of investment. With the development of the society, the currency may be devalued due to the inflation. Since the material and the design of jewelry have their own value, people may choose to invest on the expensive jewelry in order to make money.

6. How often do you wear jewelry?

Well, I do not often wear jewelry. In most of the cases, I will only wear the jewelry in some special occasions, like my friend’s birthday party, some annual events.


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