1.Which do you prefer, reading newspapers or magazines?

I would say I prefer newspapers. Newspapers in just ten or eight pages give you a glimpse of the entire world, including all the sections. From fashion to the general news to comics to sports to almost everything. In just one newspaper, you have access to the entire world.

2.What type of stories do you like to read about?

I love reading autobiographies and non-fiction. Autobiographies because they give a glimpse of lifestyle of a very successful person. You get to know them when they were the mango people and what they did to become what they became. Their struggle, the inner story, their point of view and for some reasons I find it quite exciting. Other than this, I like reading non-fiction.

3.Have you ever read a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language? [When/Why?]

Yes, all the time. I lived in another country for several years, so reading in a foreign language was a normal activity for me, not just newspapers and magazines, but all kinds of documents and literature. I still do it to maintain my reading skills.

4.Do you think reading a newspaper and magazine can help you learn a language?

Yes, but it depends on your language level. If you are just beginning to learn a language then it can be very difficult and frustrating – certainly not the best way to try and learn a foreign language – but as you progress and develop your vocabulary it is a good way to learn expressions and phrases related to common topics in the news and current affairs, or related to a specific topic in the case of magazines.

5.Why do you think some people prefer magazines to newspapers?

I think the reason might be that magazines are more specific. So, for example if I am interested in reading about like sports, then a magazine will offer me better articles and more specific, to be concise. It also de clutters all the things that one does not wants to read.

6.Which magazines and newspapers do you read (why)?

Answer A) I prefer reading magazines on travel. Being a travel host, it is very important for me to know about more places and understand them theoretically, before taking on my camera and team along side. Travel magazine also help me to understand the perspective of the other person for a same place that I have also visited. Apart from it, I like fashion magazines as well. Not for the reasons of fashion, I find them good entertainer when one wants to just spend time idly.

Answer B) I only read magazines and newspapers if I’m waiting someplace and they are there, and there is no other alternative. Most of the time, I prefer doing something on my phone. But, either ways, I like to read sports magazine. Cars and their engines excite me for the most part. I mean, there are fantastic cars out there and in magazines, a perfect description is given. Newspapers, I rarely read. I prefer getting the news on either phone or television.

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