17 September 2017

Speaking Part 1: Robots

1.Are you interested in robots? Why?

Yes, I have to say that I am fanatical about robots. I used to watch a very touching movie named Cyborg girl, which tells the love story of a robot and her owner. We often think that robots can not think and love, but the movie has shown the opposite, by which i was deeply impressed.

2.Why are robots part of many TV shows and movies?

That’s a very interesting question! Scientists and science researchers improve techniques by testing advanced technologies with robots to better understand our world as well as the universe in the film-making field. The audience feel like they have superpowers while the television or film is speaking to them .

3. Would you like a robot to help out around the home?

I hope so ! I’m in charge of making sure that everyone and everything is in the right place at home . Almost every day I am in need of urgent help . A robot , my most anticipated assistance , may reduce the frequency of my daily stress . It can become a part of my family .

4. Would you ride in a car driven by a robot?

I would love to have a car with a robot in it, but only if there is an option of manually driving the car as well. Having a robot every time in the car, will just take away the fun of driving the car. The fun that you get, the rush of reaching to a place, the fact that you can control something is amazing. Although, having a robot will help in having those long trips but a permanent driver is something I’ll avoid.

5.will robots replace human beings in the workplace completely?

Well, i don’t think so. Even though robots are massively replaceing human labour and this helps us avoid potential dangers as well as saving labour, the role of human beings is rereplaceable. We still need to control robots as well as find solutions for arising problems or process data as robots are still unable to do these tasks.

6.What kinds of robots would like to have?

Just as I mentioned, I really want to have a robot like Baymax. Since I am so busy with my study every day, I don’t have any time to do any housework. So it would be great to have a robot that could do laundry, cooking and cleaning for me, which could save me lots of time.

7.Will robots change our society significantly?

Technology has already made great changes to our lives, and have made a lot of jobs much easier. Therefore, I am sure there will continue to be changes. However, it is hard to say how significant they will be.

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