I. Do you like the sunshine?Why?

I love sunshine! When the sun shines, the flowers are extremely beautiful, the colour of the sky is wonderful, even the air smells different.

2. What do you like to do in sunshine/ on sunny days?

Well, when the weather is lovely, I’d like to go to the beach with my friends. We can play the sands,

swim in the sea, or just enjoy the sunbath. Sometimes I’d like to go hiking or cycling with my family, we chat at the same time, which makes me feel closer to them.

3. What things do you think is hard to do in sunshine? / what do you dislike to do when it’s sunny


Well, basically, I love sunshine and I’m willing to do everything in sunshine. But the summer in this city is very hot and dry, I guess if someone moves in the summer when it’s sunny outside, it’ll be very difficult. Coz you know, moving makes one exhausted, especially when it’s burning outside.

4. Do you like going outside on weekends on sunny days?

Definitely. As long as it’s sunny outside on weekends, I’ll go out with my friends or family. We would go to the beach, go hiking or cycling. Sometimes just a walk in sunshine would make me feel comfortable.

5. Have you ever been a place without sunshine?

Yes, I traveled to London with my dad two months ago. The weather there made me depressed. It was raining all day. Plus, it’s windy and freezing as well. I didn’t know what weather was like in London before I went there. It is said the summer there is beautiful and sunny. I swear I won’t go there in winter again.

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