Speaking Part 2 – Describe a time when you took a medicine

Describe a time when you took a medicine

You should say:

  • when it happened
  • who gave it to you
  • why you had it

And how you felt

This topic reminds me of the time I had a serious cold.

It was pretty recently, about a month ago. I came down with a cold, you know, I couldn’t stop sneezing, and I started to have runny nose and sore throat. Luckily, my mom has excellent home remedies for common cold, she would mix ginger, garlic, and brown sugar and coke together, boil them for a while, and let me drink it while it’s hot. You can imagine the terrible taste right? Normally, her remedy works pretty well, but that time, it didn’t work on me.

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The next day, I ended up having a high fever. So my mom just took me to the hospital. The doctor advised me to have an injection, ’cause it helps reduce the fever more quickly. However, I’ve been afraid of needles since I was a little girl, especially when the doctor told me, she needed to give me an injection every day for the next 3 days. So my mom asked the doctor whether there are any drugs I can take to reduce the fever, the doctor said, yeah, there are many options, but the medicine with the least side effects tastes horrible. The pills were bitter and I had to take so many of them. Well, for me, it’s much better than the pain, so I just went back home with the medicine the doctor prescribed.

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In the following week, I took the medicine 3 times a day, and gradually, my symptoms were gone.

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