You should say:

  • When did you move
  • Where did you move to
  • Why did you move

And explain how did you feel about that

I transferred to another school for just once when I was a grade three student in primary school. Actually I was forced by my mom; according to her I could receive high-grade English education in the new school while I did not want to leave my friends and teachers in the first place.

Sadly, I wasn’t the one to make the final call. On the very scorching morning in September I remembered clearly, my parents helped me to get enrolled in a private school in the inner suburb of Nanjing. The distance was not the most stimulating part of the whole story, for a 10-years-old pupil, how to live well in a boarding school was the biggest challenge.

To tell you the truth I was extremely excited to hear that I needed to live in the school for five days a week. No doubt that meant I could be completely ‘free’ from my parents. In the first three days everything went well; I had to adjust myself to the new environment and hardly had time to think of my dad and mom temporarily. However on the fourth day of my ‘independent’ campus life, when I saw one of my roommates crying on her bed at night, the greatest sadness was approaching towards me and I could not help crying loudly as well. I thought I was being too childish at the time so I seldom allow myself to recall that evening. When I looked back on my days in the boarding school I still felt grateful cause I not only learnt knowledge there but also mastered lots of living skills and obtained lifelong friendship.

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