You should say:

  • What kind of cake it is
  • When you ate the cake
  • Who were with you

And explain why you think the cake is special

Speaking of an occasion that I had special cake, actually, I find it a bit hard to say as in my opinion most of the cake are just ordinary so maybe just the gesture is a bit different.

So it was on my house warming day in the beginning of last year. I rented a new apartment back then because I needed to live close to school as my old house was over an hour away. As a university student, most of us are young and broke, so I told my friend that I didn’t want any house warming present and I would cook for them on the day. So instead of bringing me gifts, they all pitched in a beautiful cheesecake.

The cake was round shaped, covered in cream with chocolate icing on the side. To be honest, it looked fantastic and I couldn’t help myself by cutting it the minute I saw it. As it turned out, the flavor was fabulous and we really did enjoy the night. Well, of course my cooking was pretty good as well.

As for why it is so special, as a matter of fact, this was the very first time I had a cake other than someone’s birthday. And my friends told me that the gesture of the cake was to ensure that I can have a sweet life in my new apartment everyday. I believe it was our friendship that made this cake so special.