Speaking Part 2: Helpful Person

You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • What kind of person
  • How this person help you

Why do you think this person is helpful

The person I’d like to talk about is Davy. He helped me a lot when I was studying in the university. Both of us majored in Math, and he was also my classmate.

Though he’s awesome, in other aspects too, he’s really humble, for he never showed off his skills no matter how good he was at it. I quite appreciated that. He had a good command of computer stuff, and to me, it saved my life at some moments.

Once I was staying up late for my graduation paper, but I don’t know why somehow my laptop just broke down. I mean, it suddenly turned off, and it must go wrong for I couldn’t start it. I was driven to madness. What if I lost all my files, especially my paper? I have to finish it in a day. Tomorrow is the deadline to hand it in. I felt like it was a doomsday for me. Then, it dawned on me, Davy! Davy is a computer geek. Maybe he can solve it! I couldn’t wait for one more second and rang him.

Thank god, he answered the phone. After listening to my “heartbroken” story, he said he would like to help. Then we decided to meet in the library at 6.00, the opening time of the library. With his efforts for almost two hours, my laptop could work again. The luckiest thing was all my files were good. Saying thank you, I grabbed my laptop and rushed back to my dorm to go on. Everything went well, and I handed in my paper in time.

We would always support each other whenever help is needed. I think we are really good friends.