You should say:

  • what the book was about
  • why you read it
  • what you learned from this book

and explain why you would like to read it again.


Ok, the book I’d like to talk about is one called Think Like DaVinci, as it’s definitely a book I would like to read again at some point, for reasons I’ll come on to shortly.

But firstly though, with regard to what the book was about, well, in a nutshell, it basically explained how all of us have the capability and potential to become a genius, like DaVinci. And it outlined a few various things that he used to do, which we can also get into the habit of doing. So in other words, it basically offered a few ideas on how we can all live to our full potential.

Anyway, as for what made me read it, well if my memory serves me correctly, I was browsing around in my local bookshop one day, and the book’s cover kind of just caught my eye when I saw the name DaVinci written in big bold letters.

Finally, about why I want to read it again, on the whole, I tend to learn quite a lot from reading, and this book was definitely no exception. Just to give you an example, I would say I’ve learned to become much more observant after reading this book, such as generally paying more attention to everything around me. And this has made me appreciate things a lot more. That’s all, thank you.

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