1.What are the advantages of eating out?

Eating out offers a welcome change from the routine. A person can experiment with different types of foods when eating out. One can enjoy eating out with family and friends. Not only this, sometimes it is not possible to cook at home. So by eating out, a person can satisfy his hunger.

2. What are the disadvantages of eating out?

The outside food is not considered to be as healthy as the home-cooked food. Besides, it is not so pocket-friendly.

3. When do people generally eat out?

People generally eat out when they cannot cook at home. They like to eat out on the weekends. People also like to eat out when they have to celebrate certain occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and so on. Nowadays it has become a trend to experiment with the exotic food which is generally available outside only.

4. What is the government of your country doing to promote cookery?

Government is doing a lot to promote cookery. Cookery, as a subject,  has been introduced at the school level. Vocational courses, related to cookery have been introduced. There are many national TV channels related to cookery which go a long way to promote the art of cooking.