1. Why is it important to know more languages?

Ans. It is important to know more languages because of a number of reasons. Firstly, in this globalised world knowing more languages can help person in his business and even in education. Secondly, knowing more languages can go long way in understanding the culture to which that language belongs as language is the core part of that culture.

2. Some languages are being spoken by less number of people and there is a fear that they may die down.Do you think these languages should be preserved?

Ans. Yes definitely, these languages should be preserved. I believe, language is the core part of every culture and if a language dies, the culture also does not flourish.

3. Why is it easy to learn a language easily where it is actually spoken?

Ans. It is easy to learn a language where it is actually spoken because the environment is such. By interaction with the people there, the learning of that particular language becomes not so tough.

4. Is it possible to master a language at a place other than where it is spoken? Why/ Why not?  

Ans. Yes, of course. It is possible to master a language any where in the world. This can be done by reading the books of that language, watching movies and interacting with people who know that language. Now it has become possible to learn languages online also.

5. Do you think that the world would be a more peaceful place if there was just one language spoken all over the world as there would be no communication gap?

Ans. I don’t think so as the world history is full of examples where the nations having the common language had been at war. In my opinion there would be too much monotony.

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