1.  What are you studying?

I am studying Business Administration and my major is economics. I am in my fifth semester and now I am planning to transfer my credits to an Australian university.

2.  Why did you choose this particular course? 

Honestly speaking, I did not have much choice about picking up a particular course in my university. I had always been a commerce major student and taking business administration as my bachelor course might have been a great decision, but that was not an open option for me. I took the admission test and the university authority offered this course to me. I was also offered to study finance but I chose business administration over this course.

3.  What job would you like when you have completed all your studies? 
To be honest, I have not given any serious thought regarding my future career. I still need to complete my graduation and post-graduation degrees. However, my preference would be to work in an international NGO for the first 2-3 years after my studies and then move on to work in any large organisation where I’ll be able to use my knowledge and experience to further enhance my career. My ultimate objective would be to become an entrepreneur someday and besides own a charity organisation which will work for the less privileged children.

4.  What are the differences between a private university and a public university? Which one do you prefer?
Well, as the name suggests, private universities are privately owned universities contrary to the government or state-owned public universities. Private universities are quite expensive and in many cases, offer a few selective courses. On the other hand, public universities are funded by the state and do not require a high tuition for the students. From my personal experience I can say that, public universities large campuses and a great number of students while the opposite is the case for private universities.

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