1. Is it convenient to use an APP?

Yes, current apps in the mobile devices are definitely user-friendly. For example, when you want to take a picture, you just click the icon of that app, point to the people or landscape that you want, and then click the virtual shutter on the display to shot. The pictures will be saved in the devices automatically.

2. What are the drawbacks to using an APP?

Well, I think it is fair to say that there are a few negative aspects with regard to these apps. I guess the most unfavourable quality would be that people will indulge themselves into the virtual world, rather than interacting with others in the real world. For instance, there are several social network apps that attract users so much that they are addicted to chatting with online friends but neglect to communicate with people nearby. As well as this, an additional limitation may be that these apps would to some extent leak the users’ privacy. On top of that, another shortcoming of using the app too much is that it will do harm to people’s eyesights, especially for children.

3. Is using an APP more acceptable for the young people than the old?

Yes, I feel that young people will find much easier to handle them than the old for a couple of reasons. First of all, young people would like to try new things and learn them very fast. For example, I still remembered that I spent a week learning the computer program language to draw a Super Mario on my computer when I was in elementary school. As well as that, I believe most of these apps spring up to cater to the young people, such as the social network, mobile games, music; whereas there is a limited range of apps that designed for old people, like news particularly.

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