1.What activities do teenagers in your country like to do?

Well, they do anything that lets them enjoy their time, I guess, for example, doing shopping and hanging out with friends, watching online videos and meeting new people.

2.Do you often spend time with teenagers?

Oh yes. I am an adolescent myself, so the majority of my friends are teenagers and we spend quite a bit of time together.

3.What is the best part of being a teenager in your country?

Oh, I think it is having many possibilities, unlimited potential, no time boundaries, and feeling mighty, as a result.

4.Do you think it is good to be a teenager?

Definitely. The life of teenagers is always hopeful and promising with enough chances to try and to make mistakes, which is actually a period for them to learn dealing with different problems and going through various kinds of mental and physical changes. In addition, they don’t have to face the heavy living pressure.

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