1.Have you ever taken any training?

I didn’t take any training lesson except a swimming lesson when i was 10.

2.what skills have you learned?

I have learned the basic cooking skills in a cooking course by the instructions of a charming chef last year, and also have grasped a bit of how to raise a stray cat in a pet center. You know, there are so many good kind cat or dog people there and their lessons are wonderful!

3.what skills do you want to learn?

I seriously want to learn some social skills, how to blend in a group, how to break the ice, how to pick some girls up politely.So basically, all the great weaknesses for an introvert, i want to overcome them all!

4.How do you feel about it?

I think that training can help people to improve the particular skills in a short time and with a high efficiency, but a low quality of groundwork.