Ngày này bạn nào đi thi cũng khá khoai vì Task 1 là table, khá nhiều số liệu để nói nên có bạn rối. Task 2 thuộc dạng two-part question, bạn phải chia thành 2 bodies, mỗi cái trả lời 1 câu hỏi, như thế mới cover hết được bài viết. Bên dưới là bài mẫu writing task 2 Ngày 13/ 1/ 2018, các bạn tham khảo nhé.

Task 1 – Table 

The table shows the number of employees in England and Wales in 1851-1901. 

Task 2 – Two-part Question

People living in large cities face several problems. What these problems?  Should governments encourage to move to smaller towns?

It is true that nowadays people are shifting to (1) larger cities. There are several negative consequences of this moot issue (2), and I would argue that to cope with the current problems, the authorities should encourage individuals to move to smaller cities or even to the countryside.

To begin with, an enormous number of people create problems. One negative consequence is that the urban population (3) would go on increasing and cause housing problems (4). This leads to the creation of underdeveloped slum areas (5), where underprivileged individuals (6) must live in poor living conditions like lacking medical care or even drinking water. Another problem is that as the population in cities increases, the number of people staying in towns and villages where most farming and agricultural activities (7) to produce food take place gradually decrease. Consequently, there might be a situation when food harvesting (8) steps down (9), and this, in turn, produces food scarcity (10).

On the other hand, it seems to me that governments should take steps to move a certain number of city dwellers (11) to less populated areas. The main reason is that shifting people to towns or even the countryside helps to decrease the unemployment rate. This is because as more and more people apply for the same position within a company, it may intensify (12) the competition among employees, making it significantly more difficult to be chosen. Towns, however, due to the industrialization (13), are now able to provide different jobs for engineers or officers in new factories. Therefore, by encouraging job seekers (14) to move to these newly developed areas, the government can lower the number of unemployed (15) individuals in cities.

In conclusion, an increasing number of people living in cities certainly creates housing problems and food scarcity, and I believe that the government should encourage its citizens to migrate to towns to because of the reason mentioned above.

[By Nam Đỗ, Band 7.5-8.0]

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