Đề Thi IELTS Writing Ngày 7/ 6/ 2018

Task 1

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Task 2

Traffic and housing problems could be solved by moving large companies, factories and their employees to the country side. Do you agree or disagree?

Unbearable traffic jams and thorny housing scarcity in downtown areas have always been a persistent headache for modem people, and moving large companies to rural areas is regarded as an effective way to solve this problem. It is true that, by adopting such a policy, there will be less population overcrowding and private cars accordingly, but the following threats are frightening.

Firstly, there are chances that the country will fall victim to this practice. As we know, overwhelming numbers of people and vehicles are the root cause of traffic congestion and housing problems. Of course, through the practice of moving companies, the stress upon urban cities will be alleviated considerably. Nevertheless, the vicious circle of more-people-leading-to-more-problems will be inevitably happening in the innocent countryside. Under tremendous pressure from the modern cities, farmers will find it more demanding to concentrate on their agrarian land. Air will not be pure any more, traffic will be no smooth any more, and what should people do then?

Moreover, the traffic and housing problems can not be solved efficiently only based on migration. There is no denying that large companies with numerous employees pose a threat to transportation and accommodation, yet other causes should not be ignored. For example, drivers and pedestrians are blind to traffic rules and regulations, causing frequent troubles in rush hours. Some unscrupulous developers of real estate will drive up the housing price to a ridiculous level, to which the masses cannot afford. If reasons leading to the problem are far from single, then how can moving companies to rural parts be a panacea once for all?

Definitely, it is a complex issue to improve traffic and housing, and coordination between government and individuals is strongly recommended. If strict policies in traffic and housing issues are pursued and relevant instructions arc strengthened, perhaps we can achieve a better efficiency.

(Band 7.5)

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