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Task 1

Pie chart

Task 2

Some people think governments should spend money on faster means of public transport. However, others think money should be spent on other priorities (eg cost, environment). Discuss both views.

Dạng Discussion => mọi người phải đưa ra support cho cả 2 views (faster means of public transport và other priorities)

View 1 – mình sẽ hiểu Faster means of transport là railway, trains

Cách 1 –  To begin with, many people support the plan of investing in intercity rail networks because they save their valuable time. To explain it further, these types of trains run faster than any other public transportation facilities. They stop only at major stations and hence they are not delayed like passenger trains. This makes them a boon for super busy business professionals who cannot afford to be held up in traffic. (written by IELTS Examiner)

Cách 2 – Investing in a modern train system will mean that people can get around a country faster. This is because train passengers do not have to deal with the congestion most road users experience and trains can achieve much higher speeds than cars. Therefore, people will spend less time commuting and more time doing something more productive and this will benefit the entire society. For example, the British Government recently unveiled plans to connect cities in the North of England with London via a high-speed rail network and this will reduce commuting times by half, allowing thousands of people in the Midlands to work in London. (written by IELTS Examiner)

View 2 – other priorities (rất là rộng luôn, mình sẽ cho vào thử 1 aspect = arts and sports) – Tuy nhiên mọi người nên khoanh tròn vào khu vực Cost, Environment (protect animals, reduce pollution) như thể sẽ sát với đề và được điểm cao hơn

  •  Investing in sports and arts facilities indicates a healthy economy and encourages outsiders to do more business in the local economy.  This can have the effect of creating more jobs and employment for local people. These people then subsequently have more disposable income to spend themselves which provides a secondary boost to the economy. This is the reason why government s all over the world wish to host an Olympic Games. In fact the London 2012 Olympic games created over 200,000 extra jobs leading up to the event and also added an additional $9.9 billion to the economy.

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